Cybersecurity Starts at the Top

Today's businesses and corporations require leaders and board memebers who are aware of the significant liabilities cybersecurity presents to the functioning and longevity of their companies.



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Cyber Training Center for Executives

Welcome to the GoCyber Executive Training Center. By enhancing company leaders and board member's cyber knowledge enhances an organization's ability to prepare for and respond to cyberattacks.

Our instructors have been involved in cybersecurity for a combined 50 years and believe that education is the first critical step to protecting your organization from the growing list of cyberthreats. Our courses are designed to provide company leaders and board members the information they need to address areas of greatest vulnerability, ways to include cybersecurity in your business planning and creating a support network to prepare for and to address cyber incidents.

Cyber Training Sessions

Our on-site programs are designed to empower you with the necessary knowledge, tools, and connections to make sound cybersecurity-related business decisions.

Cyberthreat Fundamentals

This workshop was designed to introduce executives and board members to the typical cyberthreats to their organization. In the workshop, we cover where cybercriminals focus their efforts to gain entry to your IT systems, what critical components they focus their attacks on, what a breach might look like including ransomware and malware, what to do and who to contact in the instance of a breach and the importance of employee training.

Anatomy of a Cyberattack

This immersive workshop takes an actual cyberattack case study and walks the group through how the cyberattack happened and ways to effectively deal with the situation. This workshop provides a hands-on experience using attendees' knowledge and experience to work through an appropriate response. Guided by cybersecurity experts, attendees learn immediate steps to take, how to regain functionality, legal and communication responsibilites and ways to work with law enforcement.

Cyber Risk Seminar

This seminar helps leadership teams and board members to identify critical systems and functions, that if breached or damaged that would impact their ability to function and conduct business. After identifying the most critical aspects of their business, our cybersecurity experts help attendees create an overall prioritization of cyber risks against identified threats and vulnerabilities and offer a framework to address those risks.

News and Events

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How does one protect their own computers and information from ransomware and malware? Shawn Waldman, founder of Secure Cyber Defense, provides the best tips for personal and business computers.

Take a Deeper Dive

Get Comprehensive With Cybersecurity Sessions.

Throughout the year, we offer sessions focused on single cybersecurity topics ranging from cybersecurity insurance, incident response planning, cloud computing vulnerabilities, etc. These sessions are geared to address specific attendee questions in more detail. Subscribe below for announcements on upcoming events or contact us for specific topic requests for your group.